Net and Bolt: An Introduction

Net & Bolt killing of deer is coming to Millburn, New Jersey. You may not even know what it is. This website will explain what it is, why it is inhumane, and what you can do to stop it.


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Net & Bolt is an inhumane method used to kill deer in backyards where firearms cannot legally be used. It is NOT a bona fide wildlife management tool. Net & Bolt was modified from the “captive bolt-gun” process used in slaughterhouses. Netting & Bolting free-range, wild deer because “they are bothersome” ( to quote former Millburn Township Committee Person, Mary McNet.) is not a reasonable measure.


(1). NETTING THE DEER: A drop net is assembled in back yards, with bait placed underneath the nets for several weeks. When several deer are present, the net is dropped, trapping them. What is an inexcusably cruel method of killing, in slaughterhouses, is even crueler when used against wild animals. The domesticated animals in slaughterhouses are accustomed to humans. Deer are wild. When trapped, they panic and thrash. They often break their legs under the net and cut themselves and each other with their hooves. Their screams of terror are audible (this is also the case in slaughterhouse). Some die of heart failure because of the extreme stress.

(2). BOLTING THE DEER: After the deer are trapped under the net, an employee of White Buffalo (the deer killing company that Millburn Township would contract with) attempts to steady the deer while another fires the bolt gun -- a 4 inch retractable steel rod -- into her skull. Since the deer are inadequately restrained and are strong and heavy, they frequently manage to move. The bolt-gun is then misfired into their eye, jaw, ear or nose. The agent must reload the bolt gun before trying again. Death from the bolt- gun is often not immediate, adding more prolonged suffering to already terrified animals.

Net & Bolt is an inappropriate way to kill all animals. It is especially cruel for free-range, wild animals.

In slaughterhouses, animals are funneled through a shoot, to minimize their movement while the bolt gun is fired into their skulls. Simultaneously, their throats are slit. Even under the controlled conditions in slaughterhouses, a large percentage of animals are not immediately rendered unconscious or immediately killed. In addition, cows, pigs and sheep have large cranial-target areas, compared to the very narrow skulls of deer.

This website is
devoted to exposing and ending this cruel practice. You will find the following and more: 

  • A new video of actual Netting & Bolting of deer

  • Testimonies from professionals about Net & Bolt

  • Why Net & Bolt is ineffective

  • How Net & Bolt was covertly introduced into Millburn Township

  • The names of, and contact information for, the Township Committee members who voted for Net & Bolt

  • Documentation about White Buffalo and the lawsuits against its President/Founder, Anthony DeNicola

  • A review of Millburn’s Deer Management Program -- what it costs taxpayers, what it has failed to accomplish, and why Princeton Township’s negative experiences with Net & Bolt

  • Other information that will enable you to make informed decisions about living peacefully with wildlife

Net & bolt has no place in a civilized society. To sensitive people, it is psychologically devastating to know that such a heinous activity will be conducted anywhere—let alone in our neighborhoods.

Please do all you can to help us!  Read on to learn all you can.