Net and Bolt: EXPOSE


In 2005, Millburn's Township Committee, together with select residents, worked to secretly prepare and expedite the heinous Net & Bolt program in unsuspecting neighborhoods. Millburn ordinances prohibit Net & Bolt or any slaughter activity in residential zones. Mayor Dan Baer, Deputy Mayor James Suell and the Township Committee denied residents near the slaughter sites their rights to be officially informed of nonconforming use of residentially zoned areas and the right to raise their voice at a public forum.


The information revealed herein notes the probable sites of activities which, according to Millburn Township's municipal laws, are prohibited in residentially zoned areas. This information is posted to inform area residents of egregious and inhumane slaughter activities which may again be conducted in these  areas. 
This information is posted to  prevent all persons, especially children, from being subjected to trauma by the  slaughter of of live animal in backyards, in a residentially zoned district.  
Should residents or children who have developed a fondness for the animals that visit their property, hear or observe evidence of  the actual slaughter,  it could cause severe psychological trauma, necessitating long-term professional treatment.
HUMANE Millburn is not responsible for any use of this information for unethical, illegal or criminal activities.  



Brian Mahr residence: 95 Hemlock, Millburn, NJ


Bernard & Molly Eichler residence: 25 Oval Road, Millburn, NJ



Stolow & Lacher residence: 47 Oval Road, Millburn, NJ



More pictures coming. Videos will be placed on YouTube.

Please do all you can to help us stop Net & Bolt.