Our taxes are being squandered

 by the  

poop & flower crowd

The small number of Net & Bolt proponents seem to be working under a pipedream that if we all pay enough money for slaughtering deer on their properties, we will have  a deer management solution. Given the FACTS, it seems that their distress is really about the

deer poop and damage to flowers.

 Net & Bolt on private properties is an ineffective and expensive service to few, ($915 per deer), paid for by all taxpayers!

Vaidehi Dave, Essex County Epidemiologist/Surveillance Coordinator,

Essex Regional Health Commission- Lyme Disease is not an issue in Essex County. There has been no decrease, no increase, no identifiable trends nor risk factors.

Theresa M. DeNova, Ass’t Health Officer, West Orange Dept. of Health- Diseases are reported where a person lives; there is no presumption that an individual living in a municipality contracted Lyme Disease in that locale; It is a method of reporting to the state all diseases for investigation and statistical purposes.

Research is conclusive that deer have no impact on Lyme Disease, AND in the eight years of the Township’s deer management program — approaching $300,000 — auto-deer collisions are as high as in years prior to deer removal!  Yet the Township refuses to invest in proven safety methods such as fencing, reflectors, signage, etc., while they repeatedly accommodate select residents  (visit

Property taxes are spiraling out of control; we can’t allow our taxes to continue to be squandered on poop and flowers!

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Do you want YOUR tax dollars used for


Mary McNett, former deer management point person responded to, “repeated requests from residents asking to have deer removal addressed on their properties”.  (Minutes of the Township Committee meeting, Nov. 29, 2005)

Tim Gordon, Business Administrator, “The best way to gauge if the (Net & Bolt) program has been successful will be to ask the property owners…”   (The Item, Mar. 15, 2007)

Sure sounds like a service to

private homeowners!



Documents surrendered via the Open Public Records Act reveal:

Taxpayers paid $891.72 to Net, Bolt and remove

each deer from private residential  properties

(includes: consultations, hourly fees, lodging, meals, travel, butchering)


The Div. of Fish & Wildlife reported remaining deer in Millburn  reproduce at the accelerated rate of 36% annually. Deer slaughter is an expensive and losing proposition for taxpayers and the residents who have an intolerance of wildlife, yet refuse to pay to protect their own properties.

If you object to the use of your tax dollars for removal of deer from private properties because it is inhumane, ineffective, or grossly unfair to taxpayers, write to:

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It’s 2008 and the "Net & Bolt" Crowd Is

Back to SQUANDER Your Money!

In 2008, the tax-strapped residents of Millburn Township are no doubt going to see the purchase of the failing Paper Mill Playhouse, in addition to the funding of ambitious downtown redevelopment. Tax increases for township expenditures seem to be accelerating and never-ending. And now the "Net & Bolt" crowd is back, asking us all to pay for private deer hunting on their property!

Does the township committee really need to continue to SQUANDER our tax dollars on the inhumane and ineffective "Net & Bolt" deer killing on private property just to satisfy a few? Not if you consider the simple facts!


In 2005, when only 62* deer were counted, (574 or 85% were eliminated):

1) Auto-deer collisions had increased, not decreased!** Still, our money is squandered on Net & Bolt on private properties and not invested in long-term proven solutions such as roadway warning signs, Strieter Lites, fencing, etc., etc.

2) Lyme Disease did not diminish; it increased! *** Fact: deer do not cause Lyme Disease. The bacteria comes from the White Footed Mouse+ and all birds and mammals, including pets, may carry infected ticks. Killing deer on private property will never eradicate Lyme Disease.

* HotShot Survey, **Police Dept. Report, ***Twp. Board of Health, +U of Medicine/Dentistry NJ

Why are we all paying for this Private and Inhumane Service?

1) The township was to provide box traps for deer relocation to property owners

at their cost! (Item, 9/07/2000)

2) The township was to allow sharpshooting on eligible private properties with residents responsible for the full cost. (Item 12/10/2003)

3) Township surveys indicated that 10 of 11 residents wanting Net & Bolt acknowledged it was a private service by agreeing to pay for it! (Nov. 2005).

Why then are we all footing the bill for this small intolerant group?

Deer Task Force: Objective or Self-Interested on Net & Bolt?

As an advisory group, the deer task force is charged to objectively evaluate options on deer management and advise the township committee. But task force members, Ed Rummel and Arnold Selby, long-outspoken advocates for Net & Bolt, also worked on its implementation. Then, they received benefits from Net & Bolt either on their street (Rummel) or in the immediate area of their residence. (Selby). Shouldn’t these members of the task force be asked to address this conflict of interest, especially because it involves spending taxpayer money on their own behalf?


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Letters to the Editor

July 2006

Dear Editor:

Martine Donofrio recently reported a problem with the Natures Technology’s  apparatus.  Natures Technology was introduced by township committeewoman, Ellen Steinberg, as a humane alternative to net & bolt  to prevent deer-damage to landscaping.  Ms Donofrio is a pro-kill proponent and condones the heinous method of netting & bolting deer.

Nine  professional organizations and individuals, including NJ’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals, hold the position  that netting and bolting deer is inhumane and  unacceptable for wildlife management.  Yet the township committee has been indifferent to those claims. 

Six years of statistics on Millburn’s deer management program has proved how ineffective culling has been.  Net & bolt will never resolve the issue of pocket deer in residential areas (where firearms cannot be used).  Here is why:

- Not all deer in residential pockets  will fall victim to  net & bolt.

- Residual deer will remain in their home territory and continue to visit  those properties hostile to them,  reinforced by the  long-term baiting.

- The proliferation of those deer will be high, as demonstrated.

- Deer will continue to forage on unprotected landscaping and drop feces where properties aren’t contained.

- Residents will have little or no relief from deer.

Continued sharpshooting  will create new pockets.  In hunted areas, deer refuge seek and leave their home range to escape gunfire.  South Mountain did not have pocket deer until Millburn had begun to cull. Summit reported having no deer problems until Millburn began to cull.   Millburn’s deer population decreased, but deer were displaced into new areas and accelerated reproduction continued. Intolerant residents will  be frustrated to continually  find themselves back to square one.  Some people refuse to accept that deer are now a fact of life, and that we must adapt  ourselves to their unwanted effects.

The division of fish & wildlife  reports that NJ has approximately 250,000 deer. However, in just the past six years, recreational hunters eliminated 397,576 deer, an annual average of 66,262 per year  (  This did  not even  include the  farmer depredation and sharpshooting kills.   Yet the deer population replenishes as quickly as reduced. Hunting creates a vacuum that accelerates deer proliferation via  healthier does capable of  multiple estrous and multiple births.

Princeton has completed the sixth year of its five year deer management program and already plans for a seventh year and eight year.  Princeton has been netting & bolting deer in the  same locations, proving that it cannot adequately eliminate or  reduce  deer.

Deer Management, Inc. reports reveal that Millburn’s pregnant does are twinning at the rate of 92%.  According to aerial surveys, in March 2005, Millburn had 62 deer, but by March  2006, the herds more than doubled  to 139.  Meanwhile, in four of the past six years, auto-deer collisions increased from preculling times.   Deer management methodology directed to reduce deer is no viable management program.

The good news is that the  deer contraceptive, GonaCon (GnRH) will soon enter the open market.  Submitted to the EPA this summer by the US Dept. of Agriculture- Wildlife Sciences, it is anticipated that approval will be granted in 2007.  Deer contraception will stabilize deer populations because when fewer deer in the habitat become heavier, healthier and better nourished they cannot reproduce.  It will be  cost-effective  because it will eliminate the  repeated expensive  killings resulting from the persistent multiple-births.

Deer contraception, along with other common sense, practical and  nonlethal methods to control the effects of the deer, is how Millburn will ultimately achieve success in its deer management program.  

Please visit for more information. Also, see why a Top Down Deer Management Program doesn’t work, but a  Bottoms Up Management Plan will.    Questions-comments:

Janet Piszar


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